Courtney and Kimberly

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Courtney and Kim
Are so excited
To announce that you

Are Cordially Invited

To something so great
We can hardly wait.

For the 6th of July,
Oh, it feels so nearby!


We're heels over head
That we're going to wed

In the company of you
Our most special crew

We made this website
We did, yeah that's right!

To share the agenda
For our day of splenda'

This map shows a mark
Within Central Park

That's the special spot
Where we'll tie the knot!

We beg you to choose
Your most sensible shoes

It's called Cherry Hill
And we don't want a spill.

We'll start the day right
In the bright morning light

By exchanging our vows
We expect lots of wows!

The reception to follow
Will not leave you hollow

For we both have a hunch
That you'll all love this brunch!

Cocktails and eats
Will be our little treats

For our family and friends
The fun just extends!

Registries there are none
Not any, not one.

Just the gift of your presence
Will bring us great pleasance!

So please click this link
We'd be tickled pink.

If you'd just be a dear
And say you'll be here!

Guests, in order to RSVP you must enter the password you received via email. Thanks!